A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is placed the hard drive of your device. The cookie is stored by your browser, and it contains non-personal information. The information the cookie contains serves as a type of identifier for party that set the cookie. We use cookies that are strictly necessary to enable you to browse the website or to provide basic functionality (such as blocking disruptive or abusive use). But we may also use cookies to enhance the functionality of the website (for example, by remembering your preferences or settings),
as well as to improve the performance and user experience of the website. For example, we may use cookies to:
  • Identify you when you sign-in to our website (while we have not yet made Stuccu accounts publically available, we may decide to do so in the future).
  • Allow us to display personalized content, such as providing you with product suggestions.
  • Learn about what ads you prefer, what ads you click, and other actions you take on our website, which in turn allows us to provide you with more useful and relevant ads (for example, we will try not to show you the same ad twice). See more on this below in our section on Interest-based ads.
  • Keep track of your specified preferences, such as not showing you a pop-up notification you’ve already seen, or whether or not you would like to see interest-based ads.
  • Keep track of ‘favorite’ items stored in your shopping basket, and using comparison tools with saved items.
  • Conduct research and diagnostics to improve Stuccu’s content, products and services.
  • Identify you when you sign-in to our website (while we have not yet made Stuccu accounts publically available, we may decide to do so in the future).
  • Prevent fraudulent activity and to improve security.
Cookies are generated by servers. Some cookies on the website are set by Stuccu, in which case we collect the information. And some cookies on the website are set by third parties (that is, by a domain other than the Stuccu domain), in which case the third party will collect the information. Moreover, some cookies last longer than others.
Your browser settings will often allow you to receive notifications when cookies are set, or to otherwise block or otherwise restrict cookies altogether. It may also allow you to delete cookies that have already been set. If you do block or otherwise restrict cookies, you will still be able to use the website, but various features and functionality may be impaired or unavailable. For example, if you block or otherwise restrict cookies, you will not be able to add items to your shopping cart, checkout, or use services which may require you to Sign In.
Click here for a Wikihow article on how to enable/disable cookies in your browser.
Stuccu displays interest-based ads (‘sponsored link’) using information you make available to us when you interact with our website, content, and/or services. Interest-based ads (also known as personalized or targeted ads) are displayed to you based on information received from activities, such as, but not limited to, purchasing on our website, use of devices, apps or software, and visiting those sites that contain Stuccu content or ads.
Stuccu does not associate your interaction with unaffiliated sites with your identity, in providing you with interest-based ads. We do not provide any of your personal information to advertisers or to third party sites that display our interest-based ads. However, advertisers and other third-parties (including the ad networks, ad-serving companies, and other service providers they may use) may assume that users who interact with or click on an interest-based ad or content are part of the group that the ad or content is directed towards (for example, users in a particular geographical area or users who purchased, or browsed for, classical music). Also, some third parties may provide us with information about you (such as demographic information or sites where you have been shown ads) from offline and online sources, which we may in turn use to provide you more relevant and useful advertising.
Third party advertisers or advertising companies working on their behalf sometimes use technology to serve the advertisements that appear on our website directly to your browser. They automatically receive your IP address when this happens. They may also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements and to personalize advertising content. We do not have access to, or control over, cookies or other features that advertisers and third party sites may use, and the information practices of these advertisers and third party sites are not covered by our Privacy Policy. Please contact them directly for more information about their privacy practices.
Stuccu offers you choices about receiving interest-based ads from us. You can choose not to receive interest-based ads from Stuccu. You will still see ads but they will not be personalized.
For more information please send us an email to