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Executive Gift Shoppe started in 1999 as a small company specializing in personalized groomsmen gifts. We started with a small line of products, including such gift mainstays as flasks, money clips, Zippo lighters and cufflinks. As our grooms and groomsmen became married men, fathers, business men and even captains of industry, we expanded our offerings to suit their needs. Over the years we expanded so much that we currently carry over 3,000 different types of gifts! Our line of products definitely has an "Executive" feel, corporate gifts and employee recognition awards are two of our specialties. We have the ability to add business logos to many of our products without any minimum order quantities.

Of course, we still have a great selection of groomsmen gifts ranging from over 150 flasks, to money clips to personalized mugs. We also have a great selection of Father's day gifts, customized birthday gifts and special occasion gifts. We offer presents for various occupations like lawyers, doctors, firemen and policemen. We even carry a line of products for our heroes in the armed forces. We offer free personalization on all of our products that are suitable for it and free shipping over $25.00. We stock almost all of our products and ship them within one business day of the date of purchase.

All of our products carry our famous satisfaction guarantee. You'll love your gift or we'll replace it free of charge. Our customer's happiness is our main concern. You'll find we are not like other nameless, faceless companies. If you have a question you can call us toll free or email us any time. We'll answer you right away, always with a smile on our face. We know that our success depends on your happiness and we'll never forget it!

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