Takeya vs Hydro Flask: Which is the Best Insulated Water Bottle?

A high quality insulated bottle can keep your drinks cold or hot all day long. For two great brands to compare, check out the Takeya vs Hydro Flask bottles.

Insulated bottles can be quite handy, keeping your cold drinks from warming up on a hot day and retaining the heat of coffee or tea when the weather’s chilly.

But with so many different insulated thermos bottle brands to choose from, it’s hard to know which to buy.

Hydro Flask is one of the top models, but Takeya has many of the same features and comes with a lower price tag.

So, which is the best insulated water bottle?

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Check out our Takeya vs Hydro Flask review below to find out.
Takeya vs Hydro Flask: What to Look for in an Insulated Bottle
You may just need a small bottle for cheap hydro flask 32 oz
a short walk or one that can hold enough liquids to last the whole day. Thankfully, both models in our Takeya vs Hydro Flask comparison have a few options.

The Takeya thermo flask has 5 size options. These are the 14 oz, 18 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and 40 oz bottles in their Original collection. Their Actives collection also has a huge 64 oz bottle.

The Hydro Flask comes in similar sizes, including the 12 oz, 18 oz, 21 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, 40 oz, and 64 oz. These come with either standard or wide-mouth lids, depending which one you buy.
Rather than comparing the weight of every size, we’ll just focus on the 18 oz bottles.

The Takeya water bottle is only 0.8 lb, pretty light when empty, though it will weigh a bit more once you fill it up.

The Hydro Flask thermos is a bit lighter at 0.7 lb.

Hydro Flask 32 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Beer Howler, Graphite

FRESH BEER ANYWHERE: Our leakproof cap seals tight to hold carbonation longer, and the unique one-handed design is easy to carry and ensures a perfect pour.
SLIP-FREE GRIP: Unlike other leading beer growlers, Hydro Flask has a powder coat, which gives you a solid grip. The Powder Coat works with the premium TempShield insulation, which prevents condensation from forming on the outside of the container, to give you exactly what you want in a craft brew delivery system.

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JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: Happy hour is even happier with the32 and 64 oz Growler. From binge-watching campfires to counting constellations, the Hydro Flask growler cheap hydro flask clearance  will hold enough brew for your lazy Saturday afternoon, or during a long weekend tailgating event.
INSULATION INNOVATION: The double-walled, vacuum insulated TempShield Insulation, the same technology used in all Hydro Flask products, will ensure that your beverage of choice maintains its temperature for many hours to come. Hot drinks up to 6 hours, and cold drinks up to 24 hours.

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WORRY-FREE TRANSPORT: The leakproof design lets you reliably transport your drink without worry of drinks or spills.

HYDRO FLASK Mist 24L Soft Cooler Tote

item# 339327
Hydro Flask 24L Soft Cooler tote. Designed to keep 24 cans—or whatever you’re packing—ice cold for up to 48 hours. Storage pockets keep dry things dry and side pockets give you a nice place to stash keys or a phone. Smart insulation keeps contents cold for up to 48 hours.

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True Access hinged top keeps the interior of the Soft Coolers easy to access and easy to clean. YKK’s Watertight AQUASEAL® zipper ensures leakproof transport; no water in, cheap hydro flask 40 oz
and no water out FDA food grade, BPA-free liner: free from toxins, free from worry and easy to clean. Comfortable carry handles. Multiple gear pocket options to keep your essentials at the ready. Compression molded base for unsupported self-standing. Welded nylon attach mounts. 24 L. Imported.

HYDRO FLASK Mist Large Tag Along Bottle Sling

item# 336170
Hydro Flask Large Tag Along Bottle Sling. Bring along your favorite Hydro Flask bottle and keep it close with tge new easy-to-carry sling. Pop in your bottle and spend cheap hydro flask outlet
the day with both hands free. Large size fits 32 and 40 oz wide mouth bottles. Welded webbing and attachment mounts for extra durability. Fully adjustable, stretch-woven, Sliplok shoulder strap. Stretch-woven and bonded side pocket with waterproof zipper for storing essentials. Imported.

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HYDRO FLASK Mist Standard Tag Along Bottle Sling

item# 336168
Hydro Flask Standard Tag Along Bottle Sling. Take your Hydro Flask with you, but keep both hands free to paddle, climb, or high-five at the top of the hike. The sling was designed cheap hydro flask 18 oz
to make hydration on the go easier than ever. Standard size fits 12, 18, 21, and 24 oz standard mouth bottles. Welded webbing and attachment mounts for extra durability. Fully adjustable, stretch-woven, Sliplok shoulder strap. Stretch-woven and bonded side pocket with waterproof zipper for storing essentials. Imported.

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Hydrated, with style: Students discuss their favorite reusable water bottles

Reusable water bottles have become all the rage for many reasons at University Park. With reusable water bottle refill stations located all around campus, staying hydrated before class or at the end of the night has become more convenient over the years.

Not only is refilling a reusable water bottle convenient, it’s also eco-friendly. According to an article by Forbes, excessive plastic water bottle usage is wasteful and globally, 1 million plastic water bottles are purchased every minute.

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In place of plastic water bottles, students around campus opt to use reusable water bottle brands such as Camelbak, Hydro Flask, S’well and more.
Recently, Hydro Flask , a reusable water bottle brand, has become popular among Penn State students. Hydro Flasks are promised to keep hot and cold beverages at their initial cheap hydro flask outlet
temperature for as long as possible. With its technical design and fun colors, Hydro Flasks are sported by many students around campus.

Rachel Clemons got her first Hydro Flask as a gift, but now has multiple due to their efficiency.
“I love my Hydro Flask,” Clemons (freshman-biomedical engineering) said. “I tested it out with different temperatures of water to see how well insulated it was. I found that it can hold the temperature very well.”

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Students also enjoy other brands such as Contigo , another stainless steel reusable water bottle company. The cost of a Contigo water bottle range from $9.89 to $12.89 on Target.com, compared to the cost of an average Hydro Flask, which costs $39.95 on Dick’s Sporting Goods website, could be why students prefer Contigo over other expensive brands.

For Jessica Snyder , buying a Contigo was about convenience.

“I use Contigo reusable water bottle because it can fit in the side pocket of my backpack and it’s reusable and I don’t have to worry about throwing it out,” Snyder (freshman-visual arts) said.

Besides eliminating some of the plastic waste that winds up getting into landfills and oceans, reusable water bottles also save money. By using either a glass, stainless steel or plastic reusable water bottle, it will eliminate the need for cases of plastic water bottles every month. Additionally, reusable water bottles help to eliminate multiple trips to the grocery store to purchase cases of bottled water.

This sip is hip: Hydro Flask decals become popular means for self-expression

Hydro Flask owners have used their stainless steel containers to conserve plastic and keep hydrated. But the water bottles have also become a new way for owners to express themselves.

Fans are covering bottles made by the Oregon company (or other manufacturers) with stickers that represent favorite characters, travels or memories.

Hydro Flask decorating has apparently become popular on college campuses. This year, hydro flask outlet
student newspaper websites from the University of Nevada, Reno, the University of California, Berkeley and Sacramento State University have posted articles about the bottles and the pastime.

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Xochilt Zelaya, an Arizona State University senior studying public service and public policy decorated her bottle with her boyfriend’s help.

“We both searched for waterproof stickers on Amazon,” she said.

Zelaya said she put an Iron Man sticker on her bottle to show off her favorite superhero, and a mixtape logo because her favorite tape is J. Cole’s “Friday Night Lights.”

“Each sticker that I have represents my personal lifestyle or my interests,” Zelaya said.

Maddyn Johnstone, an ASU freshman studying sports journalism, said she gathers the stickers on her Hydro Flask from different places she visits.

“I have a sticker from San Diego and I got a Brewers sticker from Milwaukee,” Johnstone said.

She said that she has also has a #VegasStrong sticker on her Hydro Flask that she got right after the Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 1.

Want to show off your decorated water bottle? Shout out to @azcentral on Facebook or Twitter.

Hydro Flask – Everything You Need To Know

I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand “Hydro Flask” already, but this article goes way beyond what you might already know.

As one of the newest trends in steel containers, Hydro Flask is quickly leading the industry with their new TempShield technology that even (slightly) beats cheap hydro flask
out the YETI brand (according to FitnessTestLab).
What’s the big deal? I’m prepared to tell you everything you need to know about the Hydro Flask company and their popular tumblers.

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The organization of this article:

What is a Hydro Flask bottle?
What are the benefits of a Hydro Flask?
Who is Hydro Flask?
Are there accessories?
What is a Hydro Flask bottle?
Cutting right to the chase, a Hydro Flask is a lightweight, durable tumbler with an endurance that’s guaranteed for life. The steel container protects both hot and cold liquids from the elements and keeps its temperature longer than its competition.

With the many combinations of different lids, colors, sizes, and carrying options, Hydro Flask (the company) offers one of the most versatile tumblers on the market with 20+ awards and proven TempShield technology.

What are the benefits of a Hydro Flask?
Don’t go on a hike without one of these “bad boys.”

For most of my life, I used to only hike with a backpack and plastic water bottles (I’m not always a fan of super cold water). I would take pride in not having to spend money would take only the bare essentials, but to be honest those water bottles would heat up from the sun and the heat from my back – to say the least, bringing plastic water bottles would force me to drink warm water (not very refreshing on a hike in the sun!).

The Colorful Hydro Flask is a Water Bottle You Won’t Leave Behind

I care about the environment, and my kids do too. That’s why I jumped on the chance to try a new Kids Limited Edition Hydro Flask. We love reusable water bottles, but often find them too big or too bulky to carry, or there’s no handle, and we set them down somewhere and — poof! — a $20 water bottle is gone, forgotten on some bench or picnic table.

But the Hydro Flask is the like the little water bottle that could. It’s the perfect size for little hands to carry without mama’s help. It snuggles right into my son’s lunch box and doesn’t leak. It fits under a drinking fountain nozzle, making it easy to fill up to the brim.

But what I love the most? It’s so colorful and cute. We took the Hydro Flask and another reusable water bottle on our recent family trip to Washington D.C. The other bottle — a dull-colored one that hydro flask 40 oz outlet
we found out too late leaked in our backpack — didn’t make it back to Erie. We’re not sure where we lost it, but I hope it’s found a good home somewhere.

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The Hydro Flask, however, made it all the way to D.C. and all the way back home with us again. I credit its successful journey to its super bright colors that stood out whenever my kids put it down somewhere. I’d glance back to where they’d been sitting, and — pop! — the poor forgotten Hydro Flask was calling out to me to come back for it. It also has a handle that makes it easy to hold — and harder for kids to lose.

Thoughtful design, extras
The Hydro Flask also kept our water super cold. The bottle is made of an insulated stainless steel, which does an excellent job of keeping water chilled. That was a nice bonus on sweltering hot August days in D.C. The ice cubes I’d put in at lunch would last all afternoon and through multiple fill-ups at drinking fountains along the way. Refreshing, for sure!

Another thoughtful design bonus: The grippy bottom makes it difficult for little elbows to send the Hydro Flask flying and creating a mess.

I asked my kids their favorite part about the Hydro Flask. Their answer: The sticker! When we opened the lid for the first time, we were surprised to find two plastic straws inside, along with a butterfly sticker. I did some research and found out each bottle comes with its own custom sticker designed by a Bend, Oregon, artist named Megan Myers. The sticker is such a cute detail that really personalizes our bottle.

Get your own Hydro Flask!
Want one? The Kids Limited Edition Hydro Flask comes in four designs to choose from: Toucan, Butterfly, Frog, and Chameleon — all equally colorful and fun!

You can find your choices and order online at www.HydroFlask.com. Order now and you’ll receive your Hydro Flasks just in time for the school year! You should also order soon because this Hydro Flask is a limited edition.

Hydro Flask: A model for marketing success

If you’ve ever left a water bottle in a hot car, and then had a sip, you’ll understand how Hydro Flask got started.

Scott Allan, former president and CEO, and now general manager for marketing of the sport bottle company based in Bend, spoke to entrepreneurs last week about how new ideas, such as Hydro Flask, get started.

“It’s not like coming up with a brand new idea, but seeing a need and improving on it,” he told a nearly full house at the IDEA Talks forum in MC’s on Main Street.

Allan didn’t invent Hydro Flask, but joined the company in June 2012 after the former owners were stepping away and the company needed a CEO.

“Being a startup in the sport water bottle business is like being a gladiator in the pit of the Roman Colosseum,” Allan remarked. “There are just so many in the market and one has to stand out.”

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Be clever, have fun

To do that, Allan’s marketing team came up with the idea to mail flasks to newspapers and industry critics filled with ice cold water packaged in crates, similar to wine casks.

“We’d look at the weather and note that New York cheap hydro flask 40 oz
was going to be in the 90s soon. So, we’d send a couple of flasks with a note attached, ‘We see you’re having some warm weather, have a drink of ice cold water on us.’”

The water in the flask would still be cold, and it got the attention of industrial analysts. The first bottles sold for $28 at a market in Portland in 2009, and have expanded from there.

Ever since then, the marketing group looks at ideas that are “ice cold.”

“Our measurement is, if an idea is ‘luke warm,’ we shelve it,” he said. The idea is part of what he calls the culture of the business, its identity, its brand and saying no to ideas that sidetrack the original intent.

Allan cut his teeth in the Silicon Valley, observing what other firms were doing to grow at lightning speed.

“In April of 1994 Netscape was a startup web browser. Barely anyone knew what the Internet was. Over four years it became a $5.5 billion company. That opened the doors at the same time to Amazona, Google, Apple. Everyone though Amazon was going to fail, because it was offering books for sale online.”

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